Four Hours Live Streams on Instagram Will Soon Be Available

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Four Hours Live Streams on Instagram Will Soon Be Available

Instagram live will soon be available for up to four hours as announced by the company. This is a big update, especially now during the Covid-19 pandemic, where people have turned to online streaming. Before, live streams were restricted to only one hour. This means that those hosting the live concerts had to start a whole new stream after 60 minutes were done. By doing so, they lost a large number of followers. As a result, most people who intended to have a live stream of more than an hour searched for other alternatives like Twitch and YouTube.

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The 60 minutes live streams restrictions can soon be a thing of the past as Instagram is looking forward to improving its video experience. Instagram users can go up to four hours of streaming. This extended timeframe is a target for other alternatives like YouTube. Besides, the timeframe will be available to Instagram users around the world for as long as they have no policy or IP violations. This is to stop those trying to stream whole movies or series.

What’s more, you can view your own live streams for up to 30 days after they air. This will be available in the private archive, just like your posts and stories. It is a great opportunity for your fans to view your content, especially if they missed it. Moreover, users can be able to download the content if they want to and post it somewhere else.

On top of this, Instagram has added a ‘Live Now’ feature on Instagram TV (IGTV). This will give people an idea of what is live at the moment and can watch it if they want to. It is similar to TikTok and Facebook live video feed.

The four hours of live streams are a great deal for any Instagram user. It will benefit most people who have long wished for such a service. For instance, fitness instructors can now train their followers for more than an hour. DJs too can continue entertaining their followers for longer hours and so will celebrities. In short, endless occupations like teachers, activists, artists, among others, will benefit from this new update.

Due to lockdown, most people rushed to Instagram live for live talk shows, live singing performances, live classes, and so much more. Most Instagram content creators, therefore, were seeking an extension for their sessions for more than an hour without any interruption. This means that the four hours limit will surely mean a lot to not only the creators but the followers as well.

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