What are the early signs of termite infestation

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What are the early signs of termite infestation

Termites can be found both inside or outside your house. Whether it is subterranean termite or dry wood termite, both of them are hard to find before major damages are done already. To help minimize the damages, it is vital to keep a watch on the warning signs and hire a professional termite control Melbourne company as quickly as possible.

Discarded or Broken Wings
Broken or discarded wings are vital signs of termite presence and call for pest control Melbourne. As the termite swarms age, winged termites will leave their nests to build new colonies. When they no longer need them, termites will drop their wings. Discarded wings indicate the presence of termites nearby. Since termites get attracted to light, you will probably find these wings in cobwebs or basement windowsills. If you find them in your house, it is time to call the experts for help immediately.

Mud Tubes
Mud tubes are built from the soil on the wood by termites to shelter and save themselves from the deadly effects of air and sun. They are mostly found in shady and hidden spots on crawl space blocks or foundations. They are even created on concrete blocks which makes them harder to locate.

Damaged or Hollowed Wood
Wood damages can be located behind and below surfaces such as floors, walls, and more. It can be caused because of termites chewing through the wood looking for cellulose and leaving long grooves behind. These grooves make the wood weaken over time and lead to structural damages. Hollowed or damaged wood generally has an empty sound.

Termite Sightings
Spotting live termites in your house is an obvious sign of termite infestation. Termites can create their nests both inside and outside your house and you may find them in any location. Live termites call for instant help.

Droppings of termites look similar to coffee grounds or sawdust. It is one of the simplest and earliest ways to find an infestation. As the termites’ tunnel, they make the site clean by removing excrement. The excrement of dry wood termites is bun-shaped and collects just below the infested places.

Bubbling or Uneven Paint
Does your house have the bubbling or uneven paint at places? It is a sign of moisture build-up. This refers to two things: Either a termite infestation or water damage.

Get Help Immediately
Keep in mind that all these signs may become noticeable only after termites are present for months or years. The best method to protect your house from significant structural damages is by getting your house inspected by a certified and professional pest control company. They are well-trained to find even the most modest signs of termite activities. This will help you save yourself from spending hundreds or thousands of dollars when it comes to home repairs after termite infestation and the damages they do to your house.

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